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July 17, 2009
  CE Version 6.4 Has Been Released!
Community Enterprise Version 6.4 has officially been released! It's our best release yet (which is something I say for every release).

This actually happened several weeks ago, but I wanted to note it anyway.

Release notes are here:

If I have time in the future, I'll highlight some of the coolest new features.

- NG


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  Community Enterprise - Highest Rated Platform
This goes back a year or two, but it's worth being aware of this report:

In it, Community Enterprise is the highest rated of the platforms reviewed.

The reviewing organization - Idealware - is not one that I would normally recommend to anyone. It has been riven by conflicts of interest among their contributors as well as lack of transparency and disclosure, among other things. I'll cover that in a separate post.

Despite that, it is notable that in the one instance where Community Enterprise was reviewed, we knocked the cover off of the ball with the highest rating. And, that was a couple of releases ago. We've added tons of features since then.

- NG


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  Beautiful Design - Part 1
One of the things that I want to do with this blog is to highlight cool sites that use the Community Enterprise platform in different ways. One way is through great looking sites.

In this post, I want to show some beautiful visually designed sites that use our platform. And, in this case, I want to highlight clients of one of our partner - C Murray Consulting. The folks at CMC have done tons of fantastic work with us over the years, so this is just a sampling of what I think are some of the snazziest looking implementations that they have done. (Note - CMC did some of the original designs but in all these examples they implemented the designs within our software platform).

That's just a smattering, but I think that it shows a tremendous range in terms of raw design and the ability to implement a range of styles and functionality.

- NG


    Posted By: nickg @ 07/17/2009 01:00 AM     Community Enterprise     Comments (2)  

July 9, 2009
  First Post
Back in the dawn of time, around the late 90s, when CitySoft was doing a lot of custom application development, I got a call from an educator who was very excited about an online diary project that she was doing with high school kids. She said the kids were writing diaries and posting them online, for all the world to see. And, she wanted to know if we would build them a content management platform to make the process more automated. The only catch was she had no money and we would have to build it for free.

I still remember thinking, "What!? Teenagers - people at the most insecure point in their lives - exposing their innermost thoughts and feelings online for all the world to see? That'll never work."

Well... teenagers have obviously changed since I was growing up. But, at least we didn't get sucked into building the first blogging platform, eh? That wouldn't have been any fun at all. ;-)

Fast forward 10 years or so and I'm finally making my first blog post. Always on the cutting edge. My puritanical New England roots still make this an uncomfortably self-indulgent medium for me. But, I am excited about technology, great software, and all the ways our partners and clients are succeeding. So, there will no doubt be plenty to discuss.

All are welcome to join the discussion and hopefully some will find it useful.

- NG

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