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April 10, 2011
  Customizing Donation Receipts
There is a new feature in CE that I just want to take a moment to blog about. It allows you (as an admin) to customize the receipt that is presented on screen and by email after a donation has been made.

The way that this works is by creating the block of content that you want to add to the receipt as a "Content Channel" in the Pages module. If you click on the Pages tab in the top navigation of the Admin area, you will see the "Content Channels" link in the left navigation. That feature allows you to create a block of content (e.g. text) that can be used elsewhere in the system (such as in a donation receipt, a design header, and so forth).

So, you click on that link and then use the WYSIWYG editor to create a block of content which will be used to customize the donation receipt. In the Title field, call this channel "Donation Confirmation" and then save it.

CE will then look for this block of content during the donation process and include it in both 1) the confirmation / receipt screen and 2) the confirmation / receipt email. This block of code will appear in the middle of the confirmation before the actual detail of how much was donated and their address and so forth. So, you may want to run a test or two to make sure it looks the way that you want.


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